What is Individual Pocket Spring Mattress?

what is pocket spring mattress

Are you waking up exhausted with a sore back every morning? You’re trying aromatherapy, meditation, or melatonin supplements, but nothing seems to work. Have your friends or family told you to check with your healthcare provider for sleep apnea? Yet, even after tests, your doctor hasn’t found health issues, so what is causing your pain and insomnia?

If you are struggling with getting sleep in Singapore, you may want to look at your mattress as the culprit. Yes, the bed you trust to lay your body at night could be behind your neck pain and insomnia.

It’s no secret the wrong mattress is detrimental to your health. The type of mattress you have has a direct impact on your sleep quality. There are many different mattress types to choose from. One type of mattress is an individual pocket spring mattress, but what is it?

What Is Individual Pocket Spring Mattress?

When you think of the word, “spring,” what is the first thing you think about? You think about the older conventional mattresses with metal coils. This type of mattress is different than an individual pocket spring mattress.

individual pocket spring

The coil systems in an individual pocket spring mattress have more support. The coils are separately wrapped compared to a system of coil springs. This system allows for more freedom of movement compared to connected coil springs.

Since each spring is circular, you’ll see a gap when the springs are aligned parallel together. That’s where honeycomb pocket spring reduces the gap issue. Every honeycomb pocket spring moves with your body movement and gives you optimal support when you sleep. 

An individual pocket spring mattress have springs that move separately from each other.

“Pocket spring allows a natural flow between your body and the material.” Source

Who Are Individual Pocket Spring Mattresses Good For?

If you sleep with a partner, you should look into an individual pocket spring mattress. Individual or honeycomb individual pocket spring mattresses support people of different heights and weights. When your partner is rolling around you won’t feel the rolling feeling you feel with a coil spring.

The springs are separate and wrapped, the springs move independently of each other. This feature is useful if your body type has a different weight distribution. Individual pocket spring mattresses have thousands of springs that work independently of each other to offer pressure relief. Since the coils aren’t connected in an individual or honeycomb pocket spring mattress, there’s an even distribution of weight.

Are you someone who enjoys feeling cool when you sleep? The airflow through the individual pocket springs promotes a cooler sleep. When you are trying to sleep, feeling cool helps your body release melatonin. Melatonin helps regulate your sleep cycle.

Are There Cons To A Individual Pocket Spring Mattress?

An individual pocket spring mattress sounds like a comfortable mattress, but there are downsides. You might see low-quality foam on a pocket spring mattress. Low-quality foam around the coil system can compromise the comfortability of the mattress. 

If you have concerns about maintenance, you should think twice with pocket spring. A pocket spring mattress is not low-maintenance. You have to clean the mattress every three months to avoid moisture buildup. You also have to flip the mattress every couple of months to ensure balanced elasticity. This isn’t easy for someone who lives alone or doesn’t have access to help.


Individual pocket spring mattresses are good if you struggle with insomnia. They’re also great if you toss and turn in bed every night and wake up with back pain. Finding an individual pocket spring mattress with a higher coil count is good. A higher coil count will adjust to your body type. Individually-wrapped coil springs are also great if you’re a side-sleeper.  

Hopefully, this information helps you make an informed decision about individual pocket spring mattresses.

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