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The mattress sizes (length and width) of different brands can be different. Sometimes, the mattress size of the same brand from another country varies too. Why? The mattress manufacturer caters to the people staying in that country. As for the depth of the mattress, there’s no standard thickness for each mattress size.

So it’s important to know the full mattress dimensions when you buy from a local retail shop. When you get the right size of your mattress, you will enjoy your sleep better.

Over here, we’re only focusing on Dunlopillo Singapore standard mattress sizes.

Quick Specs of Dunlopillo Mattress Size

Please note a tolerance of +/- 2cm in actual mattress dimensions. Different mattresses do come with the same length.

Single Mattress Size

In Centimeters (cm): 91 cm (W) x 190 cm (L)

In Inches (in): 35.8 in (W) x 74.8 in (L)

Suitable For: 1 Child

Highlight: Take up small space, Low Cost, Most suitable for toddler and primary school kids. It may need change if your kid is growing fast.

Super Single Mattress Size

In Centimeters (cm): 107 cm (W) x 190 cm (L)

In Inches (in): 42.1 in (W) x 74.8 in (L)

Suitable For: 1 Adult / 1 Teenager

Highlight: Compared to a single mattress, the super single is 17.5% wider. It gives you more turning space. Most suitable for smaller rooms without comprising turning space.

Queen Mattress Size

In Centimeters (cm): 152 cm (W) x 190 cm (L)

In Inches (in): 59.8 in (W) x 74.8 in (L)

Suitable For: 2 Adults / 1 Adult / 1 Adult + 1 Child

Highlight: Fit in most master bedrooms of HDB flats and condo. Queen size mattress is most suitable for one adult that enjoys tossing and turning a lot during sleep. When you divide the space equally for two adults, each person gets only 76cm, which is even smaller than a single bed. It can be tight and uncomfortable for two adults, especially if one person likes to toss a lot.

King Mattress Size

In Centimeters (cm): 183 cm (W) x 190 cm (L)

In Inches (in): 72 in (W) x 74.8 in (L)

Suitable For: 2 Adults / 1 Adult / 2 Adults + 1 Child 

Highlight: King mattress is excellent choice for two adults that sleep with a kid. Most luxurious but comes with the highest price. Bed frame for king size bed is also more costly. Extra space is required. Hence, lesser walking space in the room and you may need to do more custom furnishing.

How to choose the right mattress size

Here are some other factors that can help you decide on suitable mattress sizes. 

Room Size

Which room do you intend to put the mattress in? Once you decide on the room, use a measuring tape to find out the remaining space you have for the new mattress. 

Is there ample space? Can the new mattress still fit into the room if you’ve no intention to replace your existing bedroom furniture? If can’t, are you ok to change your furnishing to suit the mattress size you want? 

Lastly, do you have enough space to walk around without causing frustration? We recommend at least 20 inches (50 cm) of walking space around the bed. Remember to take into consideration of the walking area in your measurement. If your bedroom is large and has more space, you don’t have to concern about the mattress size. 

The last thing you want is a huge bed in a crowded room can cause more stress.


In the mattress market, you’re spoilt for choice as there are so many mattress options available. 

A quality new mattress can range from S$300 to over S$8,000. Once you set your realistic budget, it’s easier to decide on the options available. 

You may also want to factor in the bedding accessories. For example, mattress toppers, mattress protectors, bolster, pillows and blanket.

Bed Frame

If you already have an existing bed frame, you have no choice but to buy back the same mattress size. To be on the safe side, do measure your bed dimensions first before you buy a new mattress. Your new mattress should match the same dimensions as your existing bed size. On the other hand, if you’re shopping for a new bed frame, you would need to consider the mattress’s height. 

For a kid’s bed, the bed frame’s side tends to be higher to prevent the child from falling. In this case, you have to make sure the mattress height is not too high. For an adult’s bed, there isn’t much concern for the mattress height.

Sleep Position

How you and your partner sleep determines if you should get a queen or king size mattress. 

Find out whether you’re a back, stomach, side sleepers and sleeping habits. Do you and your spouse sleep together or at different timing? Who is a lighter sleeper? 

Once you discover information about your sleeping hygiene, it helps in your decision. For example, if your spouse moves and wakes you up, a king-size mattress may be better.


Buying the right quality mattress helps you sleep comfortably and gives you good rest. If you need experience with our mattress, head down to any of our showroom.

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