Which Is Better: Foam or Spring Mattress?

After a long day, nothing feels better than coming home and get rest on your comfortable bed. Enjoying a good night’s sleep means everything in your bedroom needs to be perfect. This includes the temperature of your bedroom, level of darkness, and your mattress.

Mattress come in various sizes, shapes, and styles. Each of which offers various benefits and functions. Good mattress can relieve pain and support preferred sleep positions. They also promote restful and healing sleep. But, not every person can use the same mattress. Foam and spring mattresses are popular and provide very different benefits.

Good mattress can relieve pain and support preferred sleep positions.

“A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.” Irish proverb

Foam Mattress

Foam mattress became popular in the late twentieth century. Why? Because of its soft and cushioning foam material. Memory foam mattresses are made of open foam cells that hold air inside. Because your mattress gets its shape from the air bubbles inside, that means it sinks in where you lie on it. It also shapes itself around the parts of your body that need extra pressure relief. This type of mattress works especially well for side sleepers. Or people who press unevenly into their mattress.

Memory foam can also pair with gel or modern cooling technologies to produce a cooler touch. These are suitable for hot or restless sleepers. With the combination, you can fall asleep easier and quicker. As a comfortable and modern sleeping technology, foam mattresses are a great solution.

Spring Mattress

Spring mattress is more traditional and have been around since the nineteenth century. There are three main types of spring mattresses. The first is regular spring mattresses. They have internal metal or wire springs that sit together in neat and orderly rows. Each of your mattress springs works together to support. And distribute your weight evenly. Your body rests gently on the top of the mattress and hurts less after a night of sleep. 

The next type is honeycomb pocket springs. These mattresses have honeycomb-shaped spring groups. They are great for people who struggle with back pain or other body aches while you sleep. An alternative to both of these is individual pocket spring mattresses. They have independent groups of springs that are suitable for two different sleepers.

Spring mattresses are more affordable than foam mattresses. Spring mattresses also offer extra cooling airflow. This is because of the space between individual mattress coils. You’ll feel comfortable right away.


Both spring and foam mattresses are good options for light and heavy sleepers. Yet, they offer different support, ventilation and price point. 

Side sleepers, younger or lighter sleepers will want a softer memory foam mattress. Soft mattresses are gentler to sleep on. Modern gel topping foam pads can help cool down your foam mattress. But those technologies will likely drive up the price of your mattress. 

Spring mattress is firmer and more supportive on sore or aching backs and muscles. The springs help evenly distribute your weight. And provide easy ventilation for cooling sleep. 

Both foam and spring mattresses are good choices for your bed. It depends on your individual preference and sleeping style.

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