4 Types of Pillow For A Good Night’s Sleep

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Have you purchased a new mattress, but are still having trouble sleeping? You spent hundreds or thousands on a brand-new mattress, but you still suffer neck pain? 

Having a new mattress is only one factor for a good night’s sleep. You may not realize it, but the types of pillow also play an essential role in a good night’s sleep. 

How Does a Pillow Affect Your Sleep?

Many people believe all it takes to sleep is lying down on a soft mattress. If you wake up in the morning with neck pain, you should look at your spine’s alignment when you’re sleeping. The position you sleep in at night works alongside the type of pillow you use. For example, with the right pillow, sleeping on your back keeps your spine aligned.  Your neck and spine align in a neutral position when sleeping on your back.

If you suffer from gastrointestinal reflux disease, your doctors suggest side-sleeping. Side-sleeping also keeps your spine aligned, but it depends on the type of pillow you use. Placing the right kind of pillow between your knees helps align your hips.

The types of pillow you use depends on what type of sleeper you are. Side-sleepers should look for firmer pillows to place between their knees. Placing a thick pillow between the knees keeps the spine aligned in a neutral state.

If you’re a back sleeper, a firm pillow that allows the head to sink will keep the spine aligned.  You don’t want a pillow that sinks too far. The pillow has to be firm enough to contour to your neck. You now know pillows can affect your sleep after a long day, but which pillow type should you choose?

A good pillow is proven to offer a better night’s sleep, which can lead to better productivity in the work place.

“SUCCESS is being able to come home, lay your head on the pillow and SLEEP in PEACE.” Herschel Walker

1. Memory Foam Pillows

Memory foam pillows are becoming more popular because they contour to your head and neck. Memory foam pillows are good for those who suffer from pain or other health issues. These pillows help your head rest in a neutral position.

If you are working long days at a desk or doing manual labor, a memory foam pillow can help with neck or back pain. The reason memory foam pillows help with neck and back pain is it helps keep your spine aligned. They also do not become flat over time like traditional pillows do.

2. Down Pillows

If you are looking for a comfortable pillow, a down pillow might work for you.  Down pillows are light and fluffy.  The material of down pillows come from the fibers closest to a bird’s chest. The types of birds used are ducks, swans, or geese.

Unfortunately, down pillows do not offer as much support as memory foam pillows. They also need constant fluffing to stay even. 

3. Feather Pillows

Feather pillows also come from geese or ducks. They come from the back and wing portions of these birds. Feather pillows are soft and lightweight like down pillows. Since feather pillows come from the back of birds, they are firmer. Unfortunately, they also need constant fluffing and may cause allergies. 

4. Latex Pillows

Latex pillows, made from the natural polymer from rubber trees, also have advantages. A latex pillow is the perfect pillow type for the environmentally conscious. Not only are they naturally free of bed bugs, but they contour easily to the neck. They’re not as firm as memory foam pillows, but they’re still a viable option for neck pain sufferers. If you are looking for quality latex pillow in Singapore, go for Dunlopillo pillow. Latex pillows are naturally hypoallergenic and a good alternative for those who find memory foam too firm.

latex pillow


Are you coming home, tired, after a long day at work? All you want to do is rest your head, but you can’t sleep? If you want a good night’s sleep, you should sleep with a suitable pillow for your individual needs.

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