• Amor Cool Mattress (28cm height)

    • Dunlopillo Talasilver Latex provides ultimate protection by preventing the growth of harmful bacteria.
    • Honeycomb Individual Pocket Spring – With 5 Zones individually pocket spring mattress that provide support on your head, shoulders, waist, hip and legs. This design is to ensure that key body zone is supported in the correct way thus enhance a good and comfortable sleep.
    • The Amor includes is well ventilated open-cell structure and our specially formulated coolbreeze fabric treatment. This model offers a little something extra with the addition of a mattress cover developed with innovative cooling technology. The highly conductive properties of this clever fabric work to cool you by drawing heat away from your body, promising a consistent and comfortable temperature all night long.
    • 2” Pillow Top
    • Mattress Height : 28cm
    • Free 2 Pillows and Mattress protector
    • 10 Years Warranty
    $1,699.00$3,199.00 Incl. 7% GST

    Amor Cool Mattress (28cm height)

    $1,699.00$3,199.00 Incl. 7% GST

Buy Mattress Online in Singapore with Dunlopillo

When you wake up in the morning, make it joyful! Bursts of fresh air and plenty of natural light will fill your space with a clean and refreshing feel. You deserve to enjoy the comforts of Dunlopillo’s utterly luxurious latex mattress made with top-quality materials from eco-friendly suppliers around the world.

Dunlopillo Mattress Range

Dunlopillo’s hybrid mattress provides the best of both worlds of latex and foam mattress to give you soft, contour-following comfort. Whether you are looking for a lightweight mattress with high resilience or a spring mattress that provides deep support, we have got exactly what you need. With Dunlopillo’s pillow top layer, super snug finish fabric on our bedding sets, advanced cooling technology in our premium range – Step up and experience Dunlopillo today!

Enjoy free delivery for every mattress purchases. Our quick guide below will help you pick your perfect mattress.

· Partial Latex – Partial latex mattresses will use a mix of latex and other materials. We layer each material to give different benefits. The most popular combination is latex and pocket spring to give firm support and comfort.

· Full Latex – A full latex mattress does not lose any of the benefits of latex by mixing it with other materials. It is one of the most cooling and breathable mattresses due to the airflow natural latex allows.

· Pocket Spring – Individual pocket spring mattress is better at isolating movement to individual areas. Each individual spring bears pressure and absorbs movement. This means an undisturbed sleep for your partner. If you want even better optimal support when you sleep, go for honeycomb.

· Talasilver Wave – Talasilver wave mattresses incorporate our innovative nano silver technology. It allows more ventilation and breathability as well as added firmness and support. This mattress is best for people with dust allergies.

Dunlopillo – Singapore #1 Mattress Online Shop

Dunlopillo has been researching and testing latex in mattresses since 1931. We are the first company to use Nano Silver technology in our mattresses. Our Talasilver latex boosts latex’s natural hypoallergenic properties, giving you a healthier sleep. We want you to have the healthiest and most restful sleep, so you are ready for anything life throws at you. Improve your quality of sleep, the natural way.

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